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Cost of Shipping and Handling is based on the amount of your order

Order Amount
176.00- up.........................
Shipping Costs
15% of order total


Please refer to price list for full list of available gingers.
 To order off the price list, email with quantity and variety, then an email with shipping cost and availability.

Contact us directly if you wish to place an order but do not want to do it online
we would be delighted to assist!

We ship on Monday and Tuesdays only. This will normally get your plants to you by the weekend, and they are not sitting in transit.
We ship USPS PRIORITY mail. In the Continental USA only.
All plants are wrapped in paper and tagged. The tags are no fad, and will have the variety name, sun requirements, and height.

NOTE: PAYPAL  only allows 5 setting for shipping so orders over 176.00 the extra shipping charges will have to be billed on a new invoice.

EXAMPLE: an order of 190.00 shipping on invoice will show 21.00 and it needs to be 28.50 your extra shipping invoice will be for 7.50 the difference.
any questions feel free to email us @

  Save on your shipping if you pick your plants up at the nursery call us for an appointment 832-862-0264
 Texas residents please add 6.75% sales tax.

Guarantee All plants, and rhizomes are carefully examined prior to shipping. We guarantee safe delivery within the Continental U.S. If plant material arrives damaged or in unsatisfactory condition for any reason, and if it is reported to us within 10 days of receipt, it will be replaced. We also request that damaged material be returned to us. In case of returns, shipping charges are not refundable. NOTE: A torn leaf is not considered damaged as product may shift in transit which is beyond our control. We guarantee our product to be of the highest quality and true to variety. We will only replace an item one time and we reserve the right to substitute on replacements

At this time we accept pay pal and personal check. Checks must clear the bank before orders will be shipped.
Contact us directly if you wish to place an order but want to pay by check;
we would be delighted to assist!

Please make payable to "Ferrill's Foliage"
(This is our DBA name)

We have been selling on eBay under ferrillsfoliage check out  our  feed back here

Our gingers are fresh dug when you order them. Depending on time of the year is what you will receive from Sept  to  March, most of the gingers are dormant, so you will receive fresh dug dormant rhizome. From March to August you will receive growing  fresh dug rhizomes.

Here are a
few sample on

The Alpinias, Costus, and Hedychiums you will receive  2 to 3  knod  and a growing tip but  if the foliage is too tall  it will have to be cut for shipping. Depending on the  kind of ginger and time of year is  whether or not they will bloom the 1st year but they will bloom the next and it will be worth the wait.

The Cornukaempferia, and Kaempferia you will receive one  leaf scar and a growing  tip. Depending on the time of the year these will normally recover very fast from shipping and will bloom the 1st year.

The Curcuma  you will receive one rhizome. The curcuma depending on the time of year,  will take a little longer to recover some times up to two years but when they do they will reward you with many flower most are wonderful cut flowers lasting weeks.

The Globba, and  Siphonochilus Decora you will receive one crown. Depending on the time of the year these will normally recover very fast from shipping and will bloom the 1st year.

Any  questions feel  free  to  ask
Just email us

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