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costus barbatus                                                                            hedychium cinnabar

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ALPINIAS Blooms on second years growth but if it freezes back, the next year's blooms are lost; for this reason, plants are used as foliage for a nice tropical effect.

     CARDAMON sh 3' foliage has good texture & fragrant when brushed 6.95
     FORMOSANA s 4-8' blooms white w/pink 8.95
     ZERUMBET VERIEGATED ps 6' foliage green & yellow bloom white w/pink 12.95

CORNUKAEMPFERIA AURANTIFLORA Low growing shade lover with big beautiful patterned leaves

     JUNGLE GOLD sh 6" large pattern lvs with a fiery org/gold 7.95

COSTUS Commonly called spiral ginger,because the foliage rotates around the stalk.

     BARBATUS ps 7' blooms deep red cone w/ lg yellow flowers 9.95
     CUSPIDATUS "FIERY COSTUS" sh 2' grows in a clump with blooms orange 8.95
     ERYTHROPHYLLUS "BLOOD RED" sh 3-5' foliage has dk underside bls wh/ 9 9.95
     ERYTHROPHYLLUS "FOSTER GARDENS" sh 3' unidentified, blooms rich 9 10.95
     PATTERN STEM ps 6-7' blooms yellow orange w/dark veins 9.95
     PICTUS ps 8' blooms yellow w/red strips 8.95
     SCABER ps 6' red bracts w/yellow inflorescences long lasting 9.95
     SPECIOSUS "RED" s-ps 7' blooms red cone w/white crepe 8.95
     SPECIOSUS VARIEGATED s-ps 5' blooms red cone w/white 10.95
     SPICATUS "ORANGE" ps 6' blooms orange cone w/orange flowers. good cut flower 7.95
     SUBSESSILIS sh-ps 1' fuzzy leaves.large bright yellow flowers. long bloom time 10.95
     TICO SUNRISE ps 6'-7' blooms a red orange cone w/lt orange w/dk splashes 13.95 LQ
     TROPICAIS ps 5'-6' blooms a red cone w/ a showy light pink w/ yellow throat 9.95 LQ
     VARZEARUM "AMAZON SPIRAL" ps 4' green lvs maroon underside bls yellow w/org 4" 5.95

CURCUMA Commonly called hidden ginger. Apple green pleated foliage. All go dormant in the winter.

     ALIMANDA ps 24"-30" inflorescence red/orange in summer cut flower 9.95 SOLD OUT
     ATTENUATA ps 3'-5' spring bloomer.lvs large with burgundy midrib. 10.95
     AURANTIACA "RAINBOW" ps 3-3 1/2' inflorescence 10-12" high.rainbow color 8.95
     BAND OF GOLD sh 18" blooms in summer a white with gold bract close to the ground 15.95
     CORDATA "JEWEL OF THAILAND" ps 3' inflorescence 8-12"high pink good cut flower 9.95
     DOMESTICA s-ps 4' blooms white w/pink tips. good cut flower 10.95
     ELATA s-ps 6-7' first to bloom in spring with a large pink w/ yellow. cut flower. 8.95
     FIGI ps-sh 3'-4' variegated leaves and blooms summer. 9.95
     FLAVIFLORA "FIREBALL" sh 3' blooms in summer a bright red bract at the ground 8.95
     GREEN LEAF ps 4' unidentified spring bloomer with a large pink w/yellow. cut flower 9.95
     INODORA s-ps 4' spring bloomer.lrg pk w/yellow.lvs have a maroon vain. cut flower 12.95
     KHYMER ORANGE ps 18-24" late summer bloomer 8.95 SOLD OUT
     LADAWAN ps 4' blooms in summer a lavender long stem inflorescence good cut flower 8.95
     ORNATA s-ps 4-5' spring bloomer after lvs are up. lvs have a maroon vain. cut flower 12.95
     PETIOLATA s-ps 3' summer bloomer. 5.95
     PETIOLATA VARIEGATED "EMPEROR" ps-sh 3' variegated lvs blooms pastel pink w/yel 8.95
     PURPLE PRINCE ps 2' blooms purple w/white 9.95
     RASPBERRY ps 3' lvs with dark maroon stripe blooms dark raspberry 8.95
     SCARLET FEVER ps-sh 4' stems are redish blooms late summer. good cut flower 8.95
     ZEDOARIA sh-ps 3' spring bloomer maroon.leaves have maroon vain. cut flower 10.95


GLOBBA Commonly called dancing girl. Dormant in the winter

     GLOBULIFERA sh 18"-24" blooms a purple ball with yellow. seeds freely 8.95 SOLD OUT
     PRAJEAN WHITE sh 2' white bracts with yellow. good cut flower 7.95 SOLD OUT
     SCHOMBURGKII "Yellow Dancing Girl" sh 2' yellow flowers. seeds freely. 6.95
     WINITII "mauve dancing girl" sh 2' mauve bracts  yellow flw, cut flowers 8.95 SOLD OUT
     WINITII "ruby queen" sh 18" red brakes w/yellow blooms from july to oct 8.95 SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM Commonly called butterfly ginger since the flowers are shaped like butterflies.The hedychium are the most fragrant of all ginger's.

     ANNE BISHOP s-sp 5'-6' bright orange, fragrant 10.95
     CINNABAR ps 8' light orange spike. attracts butterflies 8.95
     COCCINEUM ORANGE ps 6' blooms bright orange 8.95
     DANIEL WEEKS s-ps bloom lt yellow w/golden throat very fragrant 12.95
     DAVE CASE ps 6-7' long orangish blooms 8.95
     DISNEY ps 6' orange spike 9.95
     DOUBLE EAGLE s-ps 6' flws coppery color w/fragrant 10.95
     DR. MOY s-ps 4' spotted pale yellow w/dark centers 11.95
     ELIZABETH ps 6-8' raspberry flowers 8.95
     FLAVESCENS ps 6' yellow flower w/dark center 8.95 SOLD OUT
     GARDNERIANUM KAHILI ps 6'-7' yellow fragrant 8.95 SOLD OUT
     GLAUCUM ps 5' bottle brush ginger frilly waxy white flowers. 8.95
     GOLD FLAME ps 5' white w/burnt gold center 10.95
     GOLDEN BUTTERFLY ps 6' blooms a med orange with a darker center 12.95
     GREENII s-sp 4'-5' blooms are almost like crepe paper a bright orange 10.95
     KAI YANG ps 5-6' cream color flower w/coconut fragrant 7.95
     KEWENSE s-ps 6-7' coral-pink 12.95
     KINKAKU ps 6' peach 12.95
     LEMON SHERBERT s-ps blooms a large ruffle yellow flower w/showy stamens 12.95 SOLD OUT
     LUNA MOTH sh-ps 4' white 7.95 SOLD OUT
     MOMO HIKARI Japanese hybrid ? 9.95
     ORANGE BOTTLEBRUSH ps 6' blooms bright orange 8.95
     PEACH s-ps 5' peach 8.95
     PINK HAWAIIA s-ps 6' very strong grower flw pink 8.95
     PINK V s-ps blooms a spike of showy pink flowers with dark pink center 8.95
     PRADHANII s-ps 4'-6' blooms a fragrant, creamy white flower with coral pink stamens 9.95          SALMON ps 5'-7' blooms light orange w/dk throat. light fragrant 9.95
     SAMSHERIA ps 4-5' cream w/deep peach throat 8.95
     TANGERINE ps 4-6' soft orange 8.95
     TARA s-ps 6' orange-red bloom june- sept 9.95 SOLD OUT
     WHITE s ps 4-5' blooms late summer to fall white. will grow in water. 6.95

KAEMPFERIA Commonly called peacock ginger.Because of the wonderful pattern leaves.Produces small flowers almost daily. Good for shady spots.Great substitute for hosta.

     ALVA sh 10-12" very large pattern leaves 7.95 SOLD OUT
     BRONZE PEACOCK sh 5" large pattern leaves w/lav 7.95
     GILBERTII sh 6" variegated leaves flowers violet 7.95
     GRANDE sh 2-3' large pattern upright leaves. flowers are rosy pink. 9.95
     ROTUNDA sh 18" elegant slim pattern upright before foliage. 9.95
     SILVER DIAMOND sh 18" narrow pattern upright leaves. 8.95 SOLD OUT
     SILVER SPOT sh 6" large pattern lvs w/green and silver. flowers violet 7.95 SOLD OUT

SIPHONOCHILUS DECORA Yellow Trumpet ps 15-20" large yellow fragrant flowers.summer bloomer 8.95

ZINGIBER Commonly called pine cone ginger or shampoo ginger

     SPECTABILE "BEEHIVE" ps 7' Blooms summer a 3' tall yellow black red 10.95 SOLD OUT
     ZERUMBET "SHAMPOO" ps 6-8 cone start out green and go to red.cut flower 7.95

To place a ginger order please add items to cart from either the
   Ginger A-F page or  Ginger G-Z page

Contact us directly if you wish to place an order but; do not want to do it online
we would be delighted to assist you!


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