"Greenery for the Scenery"

Gingers G - Z
Commonly called dancing girl ginger.
Called dancing girl because of the small delicate flowers. They are true shade lovers. They also like well drained soil which prevents the rhizomes from rotting in the winter while they are dormant.
ZONES  7, 8, 9, 10, 11

GLOBBA GLOBULIFERA 18" - 24" shade This globba blooms a round purple bracts with protruding tiny yellow flowers. Blooms summer to fall. This Globba has an added plus it produces bulbils(little bulbs) on the blooms that will drop and produce new plants. Long lasting cut flower Zone 8    8.95 SOLD OUT

GLOBBA PRAJEAN WHITE 2' shade. Blooms bracts with yellow. Blooms from late June to August. Great cut flower lasting up to 4 weeks.     7.95   SOLD OUT

GLOBBA SCHOMBURGKII YELLOW DANCING GIRL 2' shade Starts blooming in summer and continues into fall. Spreads by dropping bulbils which contributes to making large groups.
Zone 7     6.95

GLOBBA WINITII MAUVE DANCING GIRL 2' shade The blooms on this globba are yellow with a mauve bract. The foliage is gray green. Good cut flower lasting 3 weeks or more. Zone 8  8.95 SOLD OUT

GLOBBA WINITII RUBY QUEEN 18" shade The blooms on this globba are yellow with a pink bract. The foliage is greenish on top maroon on the underside. Blooms from July to October.
Zone 8     8.95   SOLD OUT

Commonly called butterfly ginger. The flowers are shaped like butterflies. The hedychium are the most fragrant of all the gingers. The heights range from 4' to 8' tall and bloom from early summer to fall. They need at least 4 hours of full sun to stand tall and bloom well. To much shade causes foliage to lean. They also can take wetter feet than other gingers.
                                                    ZONES  7, 8, 9, 10, 11

HEDYCHIUM ANNE BISHOP HYBRID 5' - 6' full to part sun. The blooms consist of a mass of bright orange, fragrant flowers. Zone 8     10.95

HEDYCHIUM CINNABAR 8' part sun. The bloom is a light orange spike that will attract butterflies. Zone 8     8.95

HEDYCHIUM COCCINEUM ORANGE 6' part sun. Foliage on this hedychium in narrow. Blooms are bright orange. The butterflies love this ginger. Zone 8      8.95

HEDYCHIUM DANIEL WEEKS 4'-6' sun to part sun. The blooms are light yellow with a golden throat and a fragrant that smells like honeysuckle. Zone 7 12.95 

HEDYCHIUM DAVE CASE 6' - 7' part sun. The blooms are a large spike orangish in color. Zone 8 8.95

HEDYCHIUM DISNEY 6' part sun. The bloom is a large spike with clusters of small orange flowers. Zone 8 9.95

6' full to part sun. The bloom a 6" spike of a coppery gold and slighty fragrant. Blooms from July to September. Zone 7    10.95

HEDYCHIUM DR. MOY 4' full to part sun. This is a variegated leaf hedychium. The leaves are a blue green with splashes of pure white. Blooms mid summer to fall. Blooms are a pale yellow with a dark orangish throat. Zone 7     11.95

6' - 8' part sun The blooms are raspberry with waxy edges and are fragrant. Zone 7     8.95

HEDYCHIUM FLAVESCENS 6' part sun The blooms are a pale yellow with a darker yellow center.
Zone 7     8.95 SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM GARDNERIANUM KAHILI4' - 6' part to full sun This summer bloomer is fragrant and has a yellow flower with a bright orange stamen. The leaves are large and leathery. Zone 8     8.95

HEDYCHIUM GLAUCUM 5' part sun The bloom is a frilly waxy white. Zone 8     8.95 photo to come

HEDYCHIUM GOLD FLAME HYBRID 5' part sun The blooms are white with a burnt gold center and dark stamen. Fragrant   Zone 8    10.95

HEDYCHIUM GOLDEN BUTTERFLY HYBRID 6' part shade Blooms a 6" spike of orange blooms with dark center almost red with red stamen. Fragrant   Zone 8    12.95 SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM GREENII 4' -5' shade to part sun.This hedychium is different from others after it blooms the bright orange flower it produces plantlets called kikis that can be planted.The leaves are green with light maroon on the underside. Zone 7    SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM KAI YANG 5' - 6' part sun A late summer bloomer with cream color flowers that smell like coconuts. Zone 8    7.95   photo to come

HEDYCHIUM KEWENSE HYBRID 6' - 7' part to full sun The blooms are coral-pink and fragrant
with narrow blue green foliage. Zone 7     12.95

HEDYCHIUM KINKAKU HYBRID 6' part sun Blooms a large fragrant peach flower on a blue green stem.There is alot of controversy on this plant is it the same as SAMSHERI but we don't know. We have kept them with 2 ID as they where sold to me that way. Who really knows??
Zone 7     12.95 SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM LEMON SHERBET HYBRID 6' - 8' full to part sun Blooms a large ruffled yellow flower with showy stamen on a 12" spike. Zone 8      12.95  SOLD OUT

4' part sun to shade. The blooms are a large fragrant wkite flower that looks like a moth. Zone 8     7.95

HEDYCHIUM MOMO HIKARI 5' part sun. A late summer bloomer with a large baby pink flower. Don't know if this is a hybrid or not, but what we do know is that it came from a huge plant collector out of the Phillipines named Jack Craig. He either gathered it from the wild or hybridized it.We had had it for 5 or 6 years and it freezes and comes back just fine here in zone 9. I would guess it would be good like most hedychium to Zone 8 or even 7     9.95

HEDYCHIUM PEACH 6'-7' part to full sun. Blooms a pretty,fragrant peach flower in the hottest part of the summer. Zone 8    8.95

HEDYCHIUM PINK HAWAII 6' part to full sun Blooms in summer a soft pink flower which has a dark pink center. This ginger we got from a elder lady who sells fresh dug daylilies and other plants. She told us she brought it back from her trip to hawaii. This ginger fast grower. Fragrant Zone 8     8.95

HEDYCHIUM PINK V HYBRID 6' - 8' part sun to full sun Blooms a showy pink spike with a darker center in mid summer to early fall. Zone 7     8.95

HEDYCHIUM PRADHANII 4' - 6' full to part sun Blooms a fragrant, creamy white flower with coral-pink stamens. Zone 8     8.95

HEDYCHIUM SALMON 5'-7' part sun This hedychium will bloom and stand upright even in low light. The blooms are a light orange with a darker throat. Flower heads are loose with a light fragrant. Zone 7     9.95

HEDYCHIUM SAMSHERI 4' - 5' part sun Blooms a fragrant soft peach flower with a darker peach throat. There is a lot of controversy on this plant is it the same as Kinkaku but we don't know. We have kept them with 2 ID as they where sold to me that way. Who really knows?? Zone 8 8.95

HEDYCHIUM COCCINEUM CV. TARA 6' - 8' part to full sun Blooms in early June having a fragrant inflorescence of a 12" flaming orange spike on its blue green foliage. Attracts butterflies.
Zone 7 9.95  SOLD OUT

HEDYCHIUM TANGERINE 4' - 6' part sun Blooms are a very soft orange. Zone 8 8.95 photo to come

HEDYCHIUM WHITE 4' - 5' part to full sun One of the most common of all the butterfly gingers. The flowers are pure white with a pale yellow center which are very fragrant. Good bog plant Zone 7 6.95


Commonly called peacock ginger, because of its showy leaf pattern. This ginger loves shade which makes it a good substitute for hostas. Height is from 6" to 2'. The shorter ones make a good ground cover with lavender and white blooms. All go dormant in the winter.
ZONE  8, 9, 10, 11

KAEMPFERIA ALVA 10" -12" shade Very large pattern leaves that are about 8"-10" with shades of silver and maroon. Blooms are lavender and appear most daily. Zone 8    7.95  SOLD OUT

KAEMPFERIA BRONZE PEACOCK 5" shade Leaves are dark with a light pattern and blooms a lavender flower almost daily. Zone 8  SOLD OUT   7.95   photo coming soon

KAEMPFERIA GILBERTII 6" shade Leaves are small, green and white. Blooms in late spring into summer with a purple and white flower that resemble orchids. Zone 8 SOLD OUT

KAEMPFERIA GRANDE 2' - 3' shade The Grande blooms before the foliage in early spring with a large purple and white flower. Then comes the grand foliage standing 2' tall and 7" wide with shades of silver and maroon. Zone 8     9.95 

KAEMPFERIA ROTUNDA 2' shade Blooms a beautiful purple and white fragrant flower at ground level in early spring before the foliage. The leaves are 2' tall and narrow with a silver pattern. Zone 8     9.95    

KAEMPFERIA SILVER DIAMOND 18" shade Blooms an orchid- like bloom before the leaves come up. It has an upright growth habit. The leaves are green with a silver pattern on them. The underside is deep burgundy. Slow to multiply. Zone 8      8.95  SOLD OUT

KAEMPFERIA SILVER SPOT 5" shade The leaves are large with silver patches. Blooms a lavender flower. Zone 8      7.95  SOLD OUT
                   SIPHONOCHILUS DECORA

Grows 18" tall in the shade. The leaves are wide and green. The blooms are bore on a stalk on one or both leaves. The blooms are large thin like crepe paper and are slightly fragrant. Goes dormant in the winter and needs to be kept dry.
ZONE   9, 10, 11

18" shade Can't say enough about this one. The leaves are wide and green. The blooms are bore on a stalk on one or both sides of leaves. The blooms are a large bright yellow and are thin like crepe paper and are slightly fragrant. Goes dormant in the winter and needs to be kept dry. Some times it is better to kept this ginger in a pot. Zone 8     8.95   SOLD OUT


Commonly called "pine cone" because the flower looks like a pine cone. Many of these species produce large cone that release a fragrant juice when squeezed. The juice is used in some shampoos. Most zingibers produce basal inflorescence(from the ground) blooming late summer. They go dormant in the winter and the rhizomes can rot with cold wet soil so they need to be in a well drained place.
ZONE  8, 9, 10, 11

ZINGIBER SPECTABILE "BEEHIVE" 7' part sun This summer bloomer has a inflorescence that is almost black with yellow. The blooms stands 3' making it a good cut flower. Zone 8    10.95

ZINGIBER ZERUMBET "SHAMPOO GINGER" 6' - 7' part sun to shade The inflorescences are cone shaped and start out green with small yellow flowers that work their way to the top of cone.
Then the cone gradually changes to a bright red. The blooms are a wonderful long lasting cut flower. Zone 8      7.95  

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