"Greenery for the Scenery"

Gingers A - F
 Blooms on second years growth but if it freezes back, the next years blooms are lost; for this reason, the plants are used for their nice tropical effect.  ZONES 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

ALPINIA nutans 3' in shade Commonly called False Cardamom. This ginger rarely blooms but has fragrant leaves when rubbed.  Zone 8 6.95           

ALPINIA formosana  4' - 6' part to full sun. Leaves are large green that will take a light frost
before they will freeze. Zone 7 8.95

ALPINIA zerumbet variegated  5' - 6' part sun Called "shell ginger" with leaves that have outstanding variegation of green and yellow. This ginger makes a great container plant. Will take the cold into the 20's before the leaves will freeze. Zone 7 12.95

A new genus of the kaempferia with the same habits, likes shade, blooms from the leaf axils, good pot plant and goes dormant in the winter.
ZONE 8, 9, 10, 11

CORNUKAEMPFERIA  6"-8" shade lover. Large green and silver pattern leaves with an orange-gold flower. Zone 8 OUT OF STOCK   7.95

Commonly called spiral gingers because the leaves grow in a spiral pattern around the stalk. The costus has it all. From 1' to 8' tall, sun lovers and ones that grow in the shade, Some are wonderful cut flowers,  but all have a nice tropical foliage. Foliage will freeze back, but will come back in the spring. If you put the ginger in a greenhouse it will  not go dormant in the winter, unlike the curcuma, globba, or  kaempferia do for they have a natural dormancy.
ZONES 8, 9, 10, 11

COSTUS barbatus Red Tower Ginger 6' - 8' sun to part shade The blooms are 7"-13"
with a deep red cone with yellow. The large cones make a long lasting cut flower.Blooms from April to August only if it does not freeze. The underside of the leaves feel like velvet. Zone 9   9.95

COSTUS chamaecostus cuspidatus sy Costus cuspidatus
 "FIERY COSTUS" 2' shade This costus has a clumping growth habit.
For this reason it makes a good container plant. Flowers continuously with 2" brilliant orange blooms that look like crepe paper. Zone 8    Sold Out

COSTUS erythrophyllus  Ox Blood  Grows 3'-5' in shade the foliage is stunning, with dark maroon underside and dark stem. The bloom is a cone with white and pink. Zone 9     9.95 SOLD OUT

COSTUS ERYTHROPHYLLUS " FOSTER GARDEN" unidentified so they named it where they found
it in Foster Gardens. Grows 3' in shade the foliage has dark maroon underside and dark stem.
The bloom is a cone with a salmon. Zone 9    10.95 SOLD OUT

COSTUS PATTERN STEM 6'-7' part sun. The stem on this costus is maroon and green and can be used as cut foliage. The flower is yellow with dark orange veins. Zone 8    9.95   

COSTUS PICTUS 8' part sun This costus has a stem that is maroon and green and is used for a cut foliage. The blooms are yellow with red stripes. Easy to grow in a pot or in the ground. Zone 8    8.95

COSTUS SCABER 6' part sun The bloom is large with a orange-red cone on top with small yellow flowers that start at the bottom of the bloom and go to the top. Good cut flower. Zone 8     9.95

SPECIOSUS "Red Crepe" 6'-9' part to full sun. This costus produces a red cone with white flowers that are fine like crepe paper. Blooms in summer. Zone 8     8.95

COSTUS SPECIOSUS VARIEGATED 5'-7' part to full sun Blooms a reddish cone with white crepe flowers. The stems are reddish with green and white leaves that make a good container plant.
Zone 9      10.95     Limited Quantities

6' part shade Bloom is an orange cone with an orange flower. Making a good cut flower. Zone 8     7.95

COSTUS SUBSESSILIS 1' part shade to shade The leaves are light green and fuzzy on a short stem. The blooms are a large bright yellow crepe flower, blooming just about all summer.
Zone 8     10.95 SOLD OUT

COSTUS TICO SUNRISE 6'-7' part sun up to about 5 hours a day This ginger was named by Mr. Skinner (the costus man) who was unable to indentified it so he named it TICO SUNRISE for all the reds and orange it has in it. Blooms a red orange cone with light orange crepe flowers with splashes of a darker orange Zone 8     13.95      Limited quantities

7'-8' part shade Costus Tropicais is an unidentified costus. According to experts this costus may be a natural hybrid between Costus Arabicus and Costus Spiralis. Originally from Brazil. Bought on ebay from the lady who's family brought it from Brazil and she named it after her nursery Blooms a red inflorescence has pink flowers with yellow centers. Zone 8    9.95  

COSTUS VARZEARUM AMAZON SPIRAL 4' Part shade. Foliage is nice and showy with green on the top and maroon on the underside. The blooms are a pale yellow with orange stripes Zone 9   4" pot   5.95 SOLD OUT

Commonly called Hidden Gingers. This broad leaf plant has a very exotic looking bloom that is a great long lasting cut flower. This group is the first to go dormant in the fall, but are very root hardy. this plants comes back oh, so strong in the early spring. Heights range from 2' to 8' allows this ginger to make a nice tropical statement.
ZONES 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

CURCUMA ALIMANDA 24" - 30" part shade The inflorescence red/orange what a show stopper. Blooms in summer. Good cut flower. Zone 8   9.95    SOLD OUT

CURCUMA ATTENUATA 3' - 5' part shade. A spring bloomer.Foliage large with burgundy midrib.
Zone 8     10.95

CURCUMA AURANTIACA "RAINBOW" 36" - 42" part shade the inflorescence is 10" -12" high and 4" in diameter. Blooms in summer. Good cut flower. Zone 8         8.95 SOLD OUT

CURCUMA BAND OF GOLD 18" shade. Blooms in the summer a inflorescence that is a pure white with a throat of a golden orange at ground level. This curcuma is a Tom Wood hybrid. It has been hardy here in Zone 9      15.95  

CURCUMA CORDATA "JEWEL OF THAILAND" 3' - 4' Part shade The inflorescences are 8" -12" tall. They are very waxy looking with pink and yellow colors. The great thing about this beauty is that the bloom stands above the foliage making a nice show.Good cut flower. Zone 8 OUT OF STOCK      9.95

CURCUMA DOMESTICA 4' part sun to shade. The inflorescences are white with pink on tips with yellow below. The spice turmeric is made from the dried and ground rhizome. Good cut flower.
Zone 7      10.95

CURCUMA ELATA 6' -7' Part to full sun. This curcuma is one of the first to bloom in spring. The blooms come up before the foliage, standing about 12" tall and 6" in diameter.The blooms last about 2 months. The foliage is tough and can withstand wind which makes it a good substitute for banana plants. This plant also creates a nice tropical look. Good cut flower. Zone 7      8.95

CURCUMA FIGI 3' - 4' shade to part shade. This curcuma has variegated leaves and blooms in the summer. Zone 7       9.95

CURCUMA FLAVIFLORA "FIRE BALL" 3' shade. The bloom on this curcuma blooms close to the ground. The bloom is a red orange like fire hence it's common name. A summer and fall bloomer. Zone 8       8.95

CURCUMA GREEN LEAVE 4 ' Part sun. Unidentified but we do know that it is a spring bloomer with large inflorescences about the same size as Elata, but blooms about 2 or 3 weeks later. The foliage is large green ripple leaves. Zone 8     9.95

CURCUMA INODORA 4' - 5' part sun to shade Spring bloomer with a large inflorescence of pink with foliage that has a maroon stripe in center. Zone 8     12.95

CURCUMA KHYMER ORANGE 18" -24" shade. The inflorescence is a beautiful burnt orange with orange that blooms late summer to fall. Zone 8       8.95      SOLD OUT

CURCUMA LADAWAN 4' Part sun. This variety has lavender blooms on the end of long stems making it a good cut flower. It can also be used as a potted patio plant. Zone 8  SOLD OUT   8.95  

CURCUMA ORNATA 4' - 5' part to full sun. A spring bloomer with inflorescence being short white with pink tips. Leaves are large and rippled with a maroon vein, very showy foliage. Zone 8     12.95

CURCUMA PETIOLATA 3' part to full sun. Fast growing plant with the inflorescence having pink and white blooms. A summer bloomer. Zone 7       5.95

3' part sun to shade. The leaves are green and white with a nice upright habit making a statement of it's own. The inflorescences are light pink. A summer bloomer. Zone 7      8.95

CURCUMA PURPLE PRINCE 2'-3' part shade The inflorescenses are 4" -5" with purple and creamy white flowers that bloom in summer. This curcuma is a repeat bloomer with a Long-lasting cut flower. Zone 8     9.95  SOLD OUT

CURCUMA RASPBERRY 2' - 3' part sun Leaves are dark green and narrow with a raspberry stripe down the middle. The inflorescenses are dark raspberry with yellow. Long lasting bloom. Zone 8       8.95  SOLD OUT

CURCUMA 'SCARLET FEVER' OR RED STEM 4' in full to part shade. The large foliage makes a statement ! Maroon stems then a green leaf with maroon vein. Blooms in late spring with a maroon topped inflorescences. A great cut flower. Zone 8     8.95

CURCUMA ZEDOARIA 3' part shade. This is a spring bloomer with a maroon inflorescence. The foliage is large rippled and with a maroon stripe in middle, making a nice statement. Zone 8    10.95

Grows 5' - 6' in part sun to shade, and prefers moist soil. Not a true ginger it is in the spiderwort family. The plant resembles a costus with the spiraling leaves, strong stem and large flower heads. The blue ginger foliage is streaked with silver. The blooms are a brilliant blue with white and yellow center. Blooms  summer through fall.
ZONE  8, 9, 10, 11
DICHORISANDA THYRSIFLORA commonly called "Blue Ginger" 5'-6' in shade. Likes moist soil. Blooms in late summer a purple blue cluster Zone 8    8.95  SOLD OUT  
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