"Greenery for the Scenery"

costus barbatus                                                                                      hedychium dr. moy
     Welcome to Gingers of Texas

Ferrill's Foliage  has been in the nursery business for over 20 years. We sell a very large variety of gingers.  Our love for these botanical wonders has grown over the years. We have one of the largest varieties of gingers in southeast Texas.

Gingers come in all sizes from 3" tall,  to ones that are 10' and  what a wonderful range of foliage. Some are very fragrant while others have no fragrance at all. And the flowers, oh my, some are 2" while others  are larger than a grapefruit and some making wonderful cut flowers lasting weeks. All have their own attributes making a wonderful addition to your yard.

We are located in the piney woods of southeast Texas. Were approximately 14 miles north of Cleveland and only 41 miles northeast of Houston ( Harris County ). Individual, groups and garden clubs are welcome to visit our nursery by calling 832-862-0264 email us at
no minimum order on pickups or shipments



The BEST TIME to plant GINGER is in
Early Spring so we ship from
February to May


To our loyal customers:  Due to severe hurricane damage we will no longer be able to supply your vegetable and herbs needs – Please consider purchasing from Betty's Bloomers Nursery - Hinkie's Nursery


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